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Hey ppls i thought of the plot my friend put in the details.

[Sep. 2nd, 2004|07:45 pm]
<lj-cut text=" tHe LoCkEr RoOm I was already late for my next class. so i figured i should take a shower i didnt give a shit cuz i was allready late. i started to roll up my shirt slowy untill it was completely off, then i slowly moved down to my shorts as i slowly started to take off my shorts. By the time i was finished, everyone had left, or so I thought. i walked slowly up to the shower and ran the curtain to the left, and to my suprise eve and jewel (only the hottest chicks in my p.e. class) were in the shower together and it didnt look like they were only taking a shower,i started to get hypnotised by thier sexy wet bodies then i finally noticed that i walked in on them so i said "oh, my bad", then i started to pull the curtain back slowly. Eve and Jewel look at eachother in a very evil sexy look, they looked back at me as i get half way Eve said "you know, you dont have to leave" i got a grin and im thinking "ooooh yeah" i took a step in and they went right for it. Eve said "I give you permission" so u know they have sumthing going but u know i dont care. Jewel leaned in to kiss me Eve was just standing and watching this goes on for mabey 5 min. then Eve finally pushes jewels head away and went to kiss me. jewel hands were slowly going up my stomache. and she finally starts to feel up on my breast. eve had stoped jewel had stoped too. jewel started to roll her tonge around my nipple then finally sucked on it as eves hands are slowly rubbing down my lower stomache jewel had moved to the other boob. and eve was really turning me on and she was teasing away so i grabed her hand and put it on my pussy. i know she liked that. then she was trying to be gentle cause i knew she wouldnt want any1 to hurt her. she slowly put her two fingures into my pussy and started to go in and out. she had stoped and so did jewel once agian. i had felt kinda bad cuz they are doing this and im just standing there so i pulled eve down to the floor and i lade face up as she lade in a kinda doggy style position and i started to roll my tonge across her clit as jewel is licking down my stomache. jewel finally had moved down to my clit rolling her tonge around it and then finally on it. right now my tonge is going in circles around her pussy then i started to suck on it as jewel started to suck on it to this goes on for a while. i told jewel that im about there. i finally cumed. then jewel stoped and i had a feeling that eve was bout there. she finally cumed i started to get tierd we walked out of the shower smiling. (well atleast i was) i walked to my next class and got suspened for skipping it was sooo worth it thoe. link post comment
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