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fantasy world's Journal
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Friday, February 18th, 2005
7:47 pm
First Post
Hi, my name is Kyristal. I'm 18, Aussie and I'm 75% bisexual. I LOVE reading dirty fiction. Keep it up, it's great. I've never written anything before, so pointers would be good.
OK, I'm up for cyber. Please add me at strange___wayz@hotmail.com

Friday night and my friend Jane is coming over to watch Cruel Intentions 2 - our fav movie. I was getting wet during the movie and I looked over at Jane and she was looking at me. “This movie is so kinky” she said “It’s making me wet” she added. Wow, I didn’t think she would tell me that! I looked back into her bright blue eyes and I felt the pulsing sensation getting stronger. “Me too” I replied. She looked back at me and licked her lips. It was on. “Follow me” I said softly leading her from my TV room down the hall. I stoped and pushed her up to the wall and kissed her softly. We continued till we reached my bedroom. She didn’t know about this one. This was my one devoted to sex. I turned on the stereo and put on some techno music, the perfect music for dirty dancing. I grinded her legs and placed my hands on her fish-net shirt. She started to unbutton my shirt to reveal a black lace bra. “You’re a big girl” she said sexily. I couldn’t wait. I slid my hands under her top and undid her bra from behind. “Lie down on the bed” Before she did I pulled her shirt off over her head and her bra fell off. The most beautiful breast were all mine.

To be continued…

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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
5:05 pm
okay this is cari 1993i closed that journal down.enjoy!

the babysitter.

I was supposed to watch my nieghbors kids,Alex and Bradley because they were going to have dinner and watch a movie and of course the 17 year old sister wasnt there.So i went over to they're house and i managed to get the little terrors asleep.10 minutes later,their super hot sister came home.She didn't even notice i was there.When i went to check on the twins,their sister (Sarah) had her door open and when i peeked,she was masterbating with her vibrator.Just the sight made me so wet.I stood there for 5 minutes and suddenly she turned her head to see me standing there.Out of embarressment, i ran down the hall and into the boys room.She followed me and came up from behind,grabbed my shoulders and started nibbling my neck."Your a very bad girl watching me "play" like that".Of course i was so horny i couldn't push her away.We walked down the hall to her room kissing all the way.She pushed me on her bed.She unbuttoned my blouse and took of my black lacey bra and started to lick my erect nipples.I could feel myself getting really wet.She kissed down my stomache,exploring every inch of it,leaving not one bit untouched.She slowly took off my shorts and thong.With her thumbs,she parted my pussy lips and jammed three fingers inside of me.I gasped at the feeling.It might just be me,but i think it's so much better when someone else fingers for you.Well anyways,while still fingering,she started licking my clit.Two minutes later,i told i was about to cum and she sped up the process,she said she wanted me to cum on her fingers.I did.By this time i was feeling guilty and i was going to return the favor.

to be continued.

i asked her where she kept her "toys" and she pointed to her chest.Dam were there alot of toys,lube,dildos,vibrators,handcuffs,etc.I pulled out her biggest dildo she had and i walked to her bed.While i was getting a toy,she had undressed completely.She opened her legs wide and was waiting for me to give it to her,but no,not yet atleast.I leveled my face with her pussy and sucked/licked her clit.She started to moan and i did it more rapidly.Once i new she couldn't take it anymore,i started to tounge-fuck her.About ten minutes later,i shoved the dildo into her.She let out a huge moan,i thought she might of awakened the boys but she didn't.When she told me she was going to cum,i went twice as fast.I lowered my mouth just in time and her sweet juices filled my mouth.We stayed there for 15 minutes and then we put on our clothes just as her parents came home.You better believe this wouldn't the last time i would be babysitting.

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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
6:19 pm
my email is gottahaveicecream247@yahoo.com i know its stuipid,just ignore the name.

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6:16 pm
hey this is car1993.i have closed that account and will be opening a new one.if u want the sn,then email me.

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
1:53 pm
Hey ppls i thought of the plot my friend put in the details.
[Sep. 2nd, 2004|07:45 pm]
<lj-cut text=" tHe LoCkEr RoOm I was already late for my next class. so i figured i should take a shower i didnt give a shit cuz i was allready late. i started to roll up my shirt slowy untill it was completely off, then i slowly moved down to my shorts as i slowly started to take off my shorts. By the time i was finished, everyone had left, or so I thought. i walked slowly up to the shower and ran the curtain to the left, and to my suprise eve and jewel (only the hottest chicks in my p.e. class) were in the shower together and it didnt look like they were only taking a shower,i started to get hypnotised by thier sexy wet bodies then i finally noticed that i walked in on them so i said "oh, my bad", then i started to pull the curtain back slowly. Eve and Jewel look at eachother in a very evil sexy look, they looked back at me as i get half way Eve said "you know, you dont have to leave" i got a grin and im thinking "ooooh yeah" i took a step in and they went right for it. Eve said "I give you permission" so u know they have sumthing going but u know i dont care. Jewel leaned in to kiss me Eve was just standing and watching this goes on for mabey 5 min. then Eve finally pushes jewels head away and went to kiss me. jewel hands were slowly going up my stomache. and she finally starts to feel up on my breast. eve had stoped jewel had stoped too. jewel started to roll her tonge around my nipple then finally sucked on it as eves hands are slowly rubbing down my lower stomache jewel had moved to the other boob. and eve was really turning me on and she was teasing away so i grabed her hand and put it on my pussy. i know she liked that. then she was trying to be gentle cause i knew she wouldnt want any1 to hurt her. she slowly put her two fingures into my pussy and started to go in and out. she had stoped and so did jewel once agian. i had felt kinda bad cuz they are doing this and im just standing there so i pulled eve down to the floor and i lade face up as she lade in a kinda doggy style position and i started to roll my tonge across her clit as jewel is licking down my stomache. jewel finally had moved down to my clit rolling her tonge around it and then finally on it. right now my tonge is going in circles around her pussy then i started to suck on it as jewel started to suck on it to this goes on for a while. i told jewel that im about there. i finally cumed. then jewel stoped and i had a feeling that eve was bout there. she finally cumed i started to get tierd we walked out of the shower smiling. (well atleast i was) i walked to my next class and got suspened for skipping it was sooo worth it thoe. link post comment

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Sunday, September 5th, 2004
7:24 pm
Darkness: A Vampire's Love Story...
Sorry if this is very long but i've been working on tons of stories and none came out right...This is a long part of the story its the love scene please enjoy (^o^)

" Sasha you don’t want to be like me, when we became friends you befriended me because I was different and you didn’t care if I was poor. Steven, hm...that is a whole another story. He married me because he needed a slave around the house and somebody to bare him children. When he found out I was barren he didn’t touch me. He would only come to me when he needs to be satisfied. He beat me, as you already know. Used my body to other people, but you looked passed all of that and still befriended me. You are my only friend I have, you don’t want to be like me. Be like Sasha, the one that runs free and is headstrong. That is why I love you for that."
Read MeCollapse )

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
1:15 pm
hey ppls this the first entry dont be afraid to be creative about your fantasies i made this community and im going to put the first entry.

me and my husband (parry)were very open about or sex lives,we were both bisexuals.when we wanted to try something different, i came up with an idea.we would find someone who was bisexual and a male, and we would have a threesome. when we found someone to join us in or sexual quest,we had immediately planned for it to be that same night. we told the other guy (rick) to take off his clothes so he did.we tied him to the bedpost and blindfolded him. parry immediately started to kiss him on the lips, i was thinking this is so hot just the sight made me wet.so by this time we were all naked and i started to give him a blowjob, running my tongue up his shaft and playing with his balls while parry was eating me out.we kept this up for about ten minutes when i said "im about to cum" just the thought made rick shout his load in my mouth. we had changed positions and i was being fucked by parry doggie style and still giving rick a blowjob.i started to have a massive orgasm and parry was too. he shot his load in me and feeling his load in side of made me cum.then parry started to give him a blowjob and i just watched them for the rest of the night getting it on. it was the best expierience i have ever had.

remember this is only a fantasy.

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