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Darkness: A Vampire's Love Story...

Sorry if this is very long but i've been working on tons of stories and none came out right...This is a long part of the story its the love scene please enjoy (^o^)

" Sasha you don’t want to be like me, when we became friends you befriended me because I was different and you didn’t care if I was poor. Steven, hm...that is a whole another story. He married me because he needed a slave around the house and somebody to bare him children. When he found out I was barren he didn’t touch me. He would only come to me when he needs to be satisfied. He beat me, as you already know. Used my body to other people, but you looked passed all of that and still befriended me. You are my only friend I have, you don’t want to be like me. Be like Sasha, the one that runs free and is headstrong. That is why I love you for that."

She started to cry and so did I but the thing I did that made her react was the I wiped her tears away with my finger tips. Then this shocked her and me I put her tear up to my lips and kissed it. I always knew I would love Becca but I didn’t think I would tell her. Becca leaned forward and kissed my lips tenderly and I watched her. Trembling I kissed her back with a need in it. A need so strong we fell out of our chairs and needed up on each other. Giggling I pushed her hair from out of her face and kissed her again. The life of our kisses was the love in it. Enigma of what it has to be but it was there. Bending her neck to the side I kissed it, suckled, and nibbled. Lapping around the pulse that beaten against her skin I sunk my fangs into her pulse and drunk. Her moan made me arouse and she was arouse, wrapping her legs around mine and her arms stroking my back. I then tore her corset away and looked at her creamy, white, rounded breast that was a little bit bigger than a handful. Her lips was trembling now and she touch my lips which was stained with her blood. Her words touched me and I thought I was to die.

"Oh, Sasha, why didn’t you tell me that you was a tom vampire? Sasha I will love you no matter what you are."

Then she kissed me licking her blood on my lips. Ducking my head to catch a nipple in her mouth, I pulled hard to get a trace of milk from her and couldn’t. Her breast was swollen, and red from my kisses and blood. Kissing down her stomach to her belly button, I swirl my tongue around in it. Bunching up her mermaid green skirt I find her garter and stockings. Undoing the garter I find her hole between her legs. She had no undergarments on I figured, and I thumbed the pearl between her legs. She moan, sobbed and called out my name. Begged me to give her this. Ripping her skirt down the middle I groan and kiss the middle of her mound and the small hairs. Shivering and moving I make a path in her hairs to her lips. Arching her back, she begged me to have mercy and I gave it to her. I licked her salty covered lips till she cried. I sucked and nibbled and licked till I couldn’t no more and she gained her release. I then stood up and stripped down my clothes until I was left naked and straddled her hips. I rocked my hips back and forth to gain our release again. Moving lower, my hips, our mounds touched and I moaned. It felt chilled against my skin and the smooth feel of it. I rubbed, pressed down and rubbed harder. At this point my hair is hanging loose a halo around my face and body, we are covered in our sticky sweat and semen. We lost control and we ended up tangled in each other arms and stroking our hair. Sighing heavily and kissed Becca’s forehead and let her sleep. The sun was coming out and I knew that fellow that I have to go to his house will be up and about. Then I heard it, the sound of a man coming home. Rebecca’s husband is home Steven. Now Steven is a man of powerful built, he had to be at least six foot and five inches tall and wide shoulder blades. Giant side paw like hands that could kill a man in seconds. His hair was shortly cut, crisp and faded blonde. Almost like a platinum color. I knew I had to get dressed, or I was a dead woman. He was asking the servants where was his useless wife and they said that she had went to bed early. I could tell he was taking the stairs two at a time because of all the sound he was making and then the door opened. He stunk of the smell of females, it covered his body and was now ranking the room with the smell. His hair was damp and disheveled hair and also his clothing. He looked around the room at me and his wife that was sleeping soundlessly. A grin spread across his face and then he laughed. I was frozen solid for I haven’t recognize this side of him. Without a second thought I buttoned my skirt back to my side and stood and faced him like a man would.
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